Construction contribution

When new customers are to be connected to the electricity grid or existing grid customers want increased withdrawals, it will often be necessary to develop or strengthen the grid.

The costs of necessary measures must be covered by the person triggering the development measure.

In the event of an increase in capacity in the network, a construction contribution will be calculated which the customer must cover.
Construction grants are a lump sum, and a solution and cost estimate is prepared in each individual case.
Construction contributions are paid before the work begins.

If you need a connection or wish to increase withdrawals, contact:
Tel: 35 94 90 40

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NVE plant contribution

Relevant regulations:
Regulations of 11 March 1999 no. 302 on technical and financial reporting, revenue framework for network operations and tariffs (regulations on control of network operations) §§ 16-1 - 16-12