How we at Telemark Energi AS, Føre AS and Norsjøkraft AS work with the Transparency Act

The purpose of the Transparency Act is to promote companies' respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions.
There are also requirements for openness and public access to how companies work with this. Under this Act, any person may request information about how Telemark Energi and its subsidiaries and associated companies deal with actual and potential negative consequences.

Telemark Energi AS and Skagerak Energi AS have entered into a purchasing cooperation agreement. Norsjøkraft mainly makes its purchases via Statkraft, which is the operator of the plants. 

Telemark Energi may refuse a request for information if:

  • The claim submitted does not provide a sufficient basis for identifying what the claim relates to
  • the requirement is manifestly unreasonable
  • the requested information contains information that it would be of competitive importance to keep secret for the sake of the person(s) to whom the information relates
  • the requested information is in conflict with the Personal Data Act, the Procurement Act, the Energy Act or the Security Act.

The processing of information requirements shall take place in accordance with the requirements of the Openness Act.

Telemark Energi with subsidiaries and associated companies shall provide information within a reasonable time, and no later than three weeks after the request for information has been received.

The information we provide is in writing and should be adequate and understandable.

If the requested information or type of information makes it difficult to respond within three weeks, the information shall be provided within two months of the request being received. We shall then, no later than three weeks after the request was received, inform the person requesting the information of the extension of the deadline, the reasons for the extension and when the information can be expected.

If Telemark Energi and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies refuse a request for information, we will inform you of the legal basis for the refusal, as well as the right and the three-week deadline for requesting further justification for the refusal and that the Consumer Authority is the appeal body.

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