About Føre AS

Føre AS owns and operates the high and low voltage network in our license area. Our concession area covers
Midt-Telemark municipality and Nome municipality.

Midt-Telemark Energi Nett will be Føre . Towards the end of 2021, we will change our name Føre . The reason for the name change is a new regulatory requirement where grid companies in an energy group can no longer have the same or similar names as the parent company and other competitive activities in the group. Føre is 100% owned by Telemark Energi AS.

Employees Føre AS

Jan Sigbjørn Høgstad


Oddvar Steinhaug

Marketing Manager

Berit Volleng Sanden

Head of Customer Service

Even Dokka Simonsen

Energy engineer

Philip Fahre

Operations Manager - Energy Engineer

Svein Åge Bjerva


Kai Fredrik Løvskeid

Energy engineer

Lise Omsberg

Electrical safety engineer

Employees Telemark Energi AS

Jon Arne Mørch Jonassen

Managing Director

Jørund Dorholt

Chief Financial Officer

Morten Sandtveit

Finance employee

Tone S Alfheim

Customer and financial consultant

Tel: 35 94 90 40

Guard phone: 970 37 295
Email: firmapost@foere.net