AMS - automatic current meter

Automatic electricity meter - Benefits both for you and for society!

By 1 January 2019, it is required that all electricity customers in Norway must have a new automatic electricity meter, in the technical language also called Advanced Measurement and Control Systems (AMS).
The electricity meter registers electricity consumption on an hourly basis, and sends information about your consumption to Elhub and on to your network company. This provides faster and more accurate collection of measured values and a better basis for the invoice. The information is made available to you via the internet or paper as usual. This is the largest modernization of the power grid in over 100 years.

Smart electricity will give you better control over your consumption, society will have better security of supply, and in the long run we will get climate benefits by using energy more efficiently.

Your benefits:

1. Automatic reading
Your consumption is automatically registered every hour. Automatic registration eliminates the possibility of meter misreading.

2. Control over your consumption
It is easy to carry out power-saving measures. Know where you can save power and how much you are saving. The information is made available via the internet or on paper, to you who want it.

3. Accurate electricity bill
The invoice is based on real meter readings

4. Quick troubleshooting
The smart electricity meters can warn of earth faults, voltage faults and more.

5. Forward-looking
The electricity meters open up for new products and services that will contribute to a further reduction in consumption in the future.

What is Elhub?

This is the station where data from the meters is sent to. Data is then forwarded to your power provider. You never have to read the meter again!

Elhub will be the central data hub for measured values and market processes in the Norwegian power market. Elhub's main functions are automated measured value processing and measured value distribution as well as processing of market processes such as supplier changes, relocations and reporting. Elhub wants to change and simplify everyday life for all power suppliers and grid companies in Norway.

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