We supervise electrical installations

The local electricity inspection (DLE) is part of the public inspection apparatus for electrical safety, and exercises supervision under the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB) .

DLE supervises electrical installations and companies' internal control within their own concession area. DLE w/ Føre AS's concession area is the municipality of Nome and Midt-Telemark. DLE also provides fire technical assistance to our customers, and actively follows up all electrical installers who have assignments in the concession area. We also offer electrical safety training to all 9th graders in Midt-Telemark, as well as the electrical, health professional and agricultural line at Nome vgs. In addition, we stand up for teams and associations that want this.

The number of inspection objects per 01.01.23 was 11,523, and we will carry out 691 inspections during 2023.

At this link you will find electrical safety information:


Useful electrical safety tips:

Do you want to get in touch with DLE?

See our contact pages or call the switchboard on telephone 35 94 90 00. 

Email: dle@foere.net