Electric car and establishment of charging points

Always use an authorized installer when installing a charging point.

Establishment of charging stations is regulated by DSB's regulations on low-voltage electrical systems (FEL) and the norm NEK 400 Low-voltage electrical installations to which the regulations refer as a method. NEK 400-7-722 describes detailed requirements for the construction and maintenance of charging points.

In practice, there are two alternative solutions for normal charging:
- Charging station (Mode 3) - either with Type 2 connector or fixed cable with plug
- Normal contact (Mode 2)
DSB's clear recommendation is to install a charging station (Mode 3) because it provides good security, charges quickly and has great flexibility. A Mode 3 charging station will have a long service life and is normally prepared for load control. This can reduce costs when the "purchase price" of electricity is introduced in one or two years. The visible difference between the alternatives is that a Mode 3 has the charging box screwed to the wall while a Mode 2 charger is a cable with a mounted charging box.

The charging cable is plugged into a standard earthed socket (in the technical language called Schuko socket). On the charging cable hangs a box that controls the charging current and monitors safety. If charging is arranged from a normal earthed socket, this must be supplied from a separate course (except for detached private garage) with a maximum of 10A fuse. The course must be protected by a separate earth fault circuit breaker of type B (is not disturbed by noise from the car's charging system) and a surge protector. Remember to hang the charging box in a basket or hook - the connector is damaged by the weight of the charging box and cable with subsequent heating.

Application for charger
Føre AS requires an application if a charging point with a capacity above 20 A is installed. Notification of this is sent to Elsmart via an authorized installer.
This requirement has been introduced to ensure that the grid company complies with the Regulations on delivery quality in the power system (FOL).

DSB - Electric car, charging and safety
NELFO - Electric car charging
Regulations on delivery quality in the power system (FOL)

Unchanged grid rent from the new year

Føre AS does not increase the grid rent from the new year, but a change in public taxes affects the total price.

Compensation scheme for high electricity prices

New electricity support scheme from 01.09.23

New prices 01.07.2023

The grid rent is reduced from 01.07.23.