HAN port information

The AMS meters have a HAN port (Home Area Network) where it is possible to connect external equipment, such as information display and smart home solutions.

Several electricity suppliers and other commercial suppliers offer equipment so that you can get a good overview of the electricity consumption in your own home. Føre AS does not offer such equipment.
Information about the HAN gate and suppliers

To open or close the HAN door, use the self-service solution My page

When a customer moves, the HAN door is automatically closed.

Error on August net rental invoice

Invoice invoiced on 04.09.23 has been credited due to an error in the power support for those who have it. It was credited on 05.09.23. The first invoice can therefore

Compensation scheme for high electricity prices

New electricity support scheme from 01.09.23

New prices 01.07.2023

The grid rent is reduced from 01.07.23.