Information about earth faults

Have you received a notification that there is an earth fault in your installation? Or do you want to report an earth fault?

Føre has measurements in the low-voltage network to monitor where earth faults occur. If you have received a notification from us that an earth fault has been registered in your installation, the fault must be rectified within 2 weeks.
If the earth fault has not been rectified within 4 weeks, the Regulations on electrical supply systems require that the system be switched off (§ 5-2).
Contact the installer for assistance with troubleshooting and troubleshooting. 

If you have discovered an earth fault in a facility, you can notify us by sending us an email to
If Føre are notified of errors that have not been detected during measurements, we will find out which customer has the error, and the customer has 2 weeks to correct the error.

Solar systems and earth faults
Føre constantly receive messages about solar systems that do not work due to earth faults. Føre follows the standard procedure for correcting earth faults, and cannot impose anything beyond this on customers.