Compensation scheme for high electricity prices

The compensation is repaid through the grid rent. Read more here.

The government introduces a compensation scheme for high electricity prices. As an electricity customer, you do not have to do anything to receive compensation, the amount you are entitled to is automatically deducted from the grid rent.

The regulatory authority for energy in NVE (RME) will administer the scheme to the grid companies. The scheme means that the customer is reimbursed a share of the electricity cost when the electricity price exceeds 70 øre per kWt excluding VAT. It is the spot price for your price range that is used as the basis for calculating the support rate - regardless of which electricity agreement you have. Your local grid company is responsible for calculating the support and deducting it from the grid rent. If the sum exceeds the monthly grid rent, the amount is paid to the customer's bank account or deducted from the electricity bill.

Housing companies also receive compensation. The housing companies have a responsibility to check for themselves whether they have been paid too much support. If this is the case, they have a duty to report this to the network company. The housing association must notify the grid company if more than 20% of the heated area is used by someone other than the housing association's households. The housing association must report back to the grid company if their total consumption is higher than 5,000 kWh per dwelling unit per month. Consumption measured by the housing unit's own electricity meter is in addition. The network company adjusts the support amount in line with any reports.

If a housing association discovers errors in paid support, contact Føre on tel. 35 94 90 40 or email

The support rates will be posted continuously on NVE's pages: 

NVE also has its own page with questions and answers:



New prices from 1 July 2022

See updated prices here.

New model for grid rental from 1 July 2022

Føre introduces new grid rent. Capacity stages and energy stages will be introduced in accordance with requirements and regulations.

HAN port information

The AMS meters have a HAN port (Home Area Network) where it is possible to connect external equipment, such as information display and smart home solutions.