Compensation scheme for high electricity prices

New electricity support scheme from 01.09.23

Changes in electricity subsidies from 01.01.2024

The government has decided to change the electricity subsidy limit from 70 to 73 øre/kWh excluding VAT. The state will continue to cover 90% of the costs above this.

Spot price hour by hour

The government has decided that from September 1, electricity subsidies will be based on the hourly spot price instead of a monthly average. This means that each individual customer will receive electricity subsidies that are linked to their own electricity consumption. The hours that the spot price is above 70 øre per kilowatt hour will be used as the basis for the electricity subsidy.

The electricity subsidy will appear as a monthly average price on the invoice, just as before. The difference is that previously the average price was the same for all customers. Now it will be individual for each customer.

You do not need to apply for electricity subsidies. The electricity subsidy is automatically deducted from your electricity bill.

Overview of all hourly rates

On the RME website (Reguleringsmyndigheten for energi) you can see the price of the benefit rates hour by hour. Read more here: Support rate hour by hour - NVE

Read more about the government's support here:

NVE also has a separate page with questions and answers:

New prices from 01.07.2024

Due to increased costs for the overhead network and interest rates, Føre AS is forced to increase the price of network rent from 01.07.2024.

Unchanged grid rent from the new year

Føre AS does not increase the grid rent from the new year, but a change in public taxes affects the total price.

New prices 01.07.2023

The grid rent is reduced from 01.07.23.