Compensation in the event of a power failure

Customers who have had a power failure for more than 12 consecutive hours are entitled to compensation.

Households and holiday homes are entitled to compensation in the event of a power failure lasting more than 12 hours. The duration of the power failure shall be calculated from that time Føre AS was first notified of the interruption, or knew or should have known that an interruption had taken place. 

Compensation is paid at rates from NVE:

  • for households: NOK 500 for interruptions of 12 hours and then a rate of NOK 40 per hour.
  • for holiday homes: NOK 125 for a break of 12 hours and then a rate of NOK 10 per hour.

The interruption ends when the normal power supply is restored. Several subsequent interruptions are considered continuous unless a normal power supply is maintained for two consecutive hours.

A total annual compensation can not exceed the expected grid rent paid for the current year.

Føre AS pays compensation without you having to apply for this. Payment must be made no later than 12 weeks after the interruption has taken place. If you have questions regarding the payment of compensation, you can contact customer service.

We point out that the compensation scheme is not a compensation scheme for actual costs that customers experience as a result of a power failure. This is regulated through consumer protection legislation and private law agreements.

NVE - Power outage: rights and rules