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Frequently Asked Questions

All customers are settled in arrears according to actual consumption, and invoiced every month. Føre AS has an agreement on through invoicing (grid rent and electricity on the same invoice) with the following electricity suppliers:                      

Kraftriket AS
Fjordkraft AS

Customers with other electricity suppliers than those in the list above will receive their own invoice for grid rent from Føre AS.

From 1 December 2021, you must give general acceptance for eFaktura
"Yes, thank you to everyone" for being able to receive bills from companies like you before
has not received an eInvoice from. We therefore encourage all eInvoice customers to
enter into a "Yes thank you to everyone" agreement as soon as possible. 

The change is made to make it easier for you to
pay your bills. With a general acceptance, you will now receive an eInvoice
from the first bill from companies that offer eInvoice. That means you do not
need to log in to the online bank to sign up for the individual companies. 

If there are individual companies you do not want to receive
eInvoice from you can easily reserve in the online bank.

Read more about eFaktura here. 

Meter reading takes place automatically for all customers who have an AMS meter.

Customers without a communication module in the meter must read the meter on the 1st of each month. The reading is sent by text message to 2258.

Customers who have not entered into an agreement with an electricity supplier will receive electricity from the grid owner. This is determined by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE). The price for this delivery obligation (also called waiting tariff) is determined by NVE.

The waiting tariff for the first 6 weeks consists of Nord Pool's monthly average price in the spot market + 5 øre / kWh in surcharge (excl. VAT).

After 6 weeks, the price of Nord Pool's monthly average price in the spot market increases + 15 øre / kWh in surcharge (excl. VAT).

You will find an overview of all electricity suppliers and can compare prices at www.strompris.no

See also NVE's standard letter to customers without a power supplier: link