Deforestation and work near our facilities

Deforestation and work near our electrical installations can be life-threatening.

There is a great danger of damaging cables or overhead lines. Examples can be when live cables are dug over, trees are felled on the wires, or when agricultural or construction machinery gets too close to our overhead lines. Current flow / surges can also occur at a distance, ie before objects come into contact with the overhead line or the system.

Negligent work near our facilities may result in liability.

On the website, you will find information about what responsibilities and duties you have in relation to cable detection before you perform excavation and requirements for distance in relation to work close to our facilities.

You can cut down trees on your own property. Remember, however, that the person who performs tree felling is responsible both for their own safety, as well as any damage to the grid company's lines if the accident first occurs.

Felling trees near our wires is associated with great danger. Trees lying on the wire must be considered live and can conduct life-threatening current through a person who comes into contact with them.

If you are planning tree felling near our wires, you must contact the customer center tel. 35 94 90 40 well in advance of the work starting. If, contrary to expectation, you should cut down a tree on one of our wires, you must release the saw, remove yourself from the tree and call our hotline 970 37 295.

It is very important that our people arrive on site and remove the tree in accordance with the safety regulations that apply to this type of work.

Tree felling along high voltage lines is very dangerous. Applies to tree felling trees that are closer to a high voltage line than 30 meters should Føre AS is always notified. We will be helpful with the work to avoid injury to people or facilities.

Contact Føre AS customer center on telephone 35 94 90 40.

Tree felling near low-voltage lines can be carried out by private individuals and paid for by the individual. Tree felling must be agreed with the landowner. To avoid damage to power lines, we recommend that the initiator contact a company that performs such assignments.

When felling trees that damage the power line, the cost of repairs will be charged with damage. Therefore, check that the company you use for tree felling has non-life insurance.

Avoid planting near power lines and facilities. Pay attention to power cords when planting
Keep the area below the grid company's lines, or near our facilities free of shrubs, trees and hedges
Keep the areas around cable cabinets, substations and poles tidy to ensure necessary access
Place plants and trees on a part of the plot where they will not conflict with the mains.

Føre clears regularly along streamlines to avoid power outages caused by vegetation. Beyond this, the network company does not cut down trees, with the exception of trees that have fallen on the line.

To secure the power supply, it is important to have control of the vegetation (trees, shrubs and hedges) along the power lines in both the high and low voltage networks.

We want a good collaboration and hope that line clearing creates the least possible inconvenience for landowners.

The grid companies' standard connection terms and standard grid lease agreement give the grid owner access to the properties for necessary maintenance of overhead lines.

All line clearing is carried out in accordance with regulations prepared by the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB).

Trees that are considered dangerous to the power supply under normal weather conditions are felled, while trees that are considered harmless remain standing. Sometimes trees are left standing, while branches that can come in contact with the power lines and cause power outages are cut off.

It is the landowner who owns the twig and wood after line clearing. The twig will be laid neatly in piles on the property and wood will be laid in the line route so that the landowner can easily access this.

Føre AS currently has an agreement on line clearing with AK Skog AS.F