Prolonged power outages?

Føre their preventive maintenance as well as good contingency plans shall contribute to a secure power supply. But remember that you can also take responsibility if the power goes out.

Our most important task is to deliver a secure power supply. Preventive maintenance is continuously worked on to reduce the risk of long-term power outages. Good contingency plans must ensure access to crew, equipment and personnel when extreme situations nevertheless arise.

The municipality is responsible for taking care of the population that is in the municipality at all times. During crises and disasters, the municipality must implement measures to protect the population and ensure that important societal functions are maintained.

Electricity customers have a responsibility for their own situation if the power goes out. If you are dependent on electricity, you should ensure a backup power supply. It is a good idea to have an alternative source of heating and ensure access to food and water.

Have a gas burner available for long power outages.
Føre wants customers to feel safe even when the power goes out. Everyone should therefore make sure to have:

  • Alternative heat source (wood stove, gas stove).
  • Extra fuel for the heat source (wood, oil, gas).
  • Flashlights / headlights available with extra batteries.
  • Oil lamp or a lamp powered by solar cells.
  • A small food store that can be stored at room temperature (canned food, crispbread, nuts, etc.).
  • Primus available for heating food and water (gas grill can also be used for this).
  • Battery-powered radio.


Everyone is advised to go through their own situation to best consider what should be purchased. Here is an example:

  • Extra firewood
  • Extra gas bottle (for primus / gas grill)
  • Batteries
  • Matches
  • Candles and tealights
  • Canned food and other food that can withstand storage



  • Increased caution when using alternative heat and light sources indoors!
  • Close windows and vents
  • Close doors to unused rooms
  • Think of relatives and neighbors, especially if they live alone
  • Keep the refrigerator and freezer closed as much as possible
  • Have important information / telephone numbers written down on paper

Unchanged grid rent from the new year

Føre AS does not increase the grid rent from the new year, but a change in public taxes affects the total price.

Compensation scheme for high electricity prices

New electricity support scheme from 01.09.23

New prices 01.07.2023

The grid rent is reduced from 01.07.23.