Guidelines for plus customers

Requirements are set for production facilities connected to the low-voltage network as well as requirements for certification of the equipment to be installed
according to current guidelines.

Technical functional requirements

Føre sets technical requirements for production plants, so that these plants will not contribute to reduced voltage quality in
the distribution network.
All production facilities must be notified (smart) via an authorized electrical installer and approved by Føre before connection.

Connection of production facilities is made in accordance with RENblad 342 «Technical functional requirements for connection and grid lease agreement for
feed customers in the low voltage network ». RENbladet is based on European standard EN 50549-1. All requirements in RENbladet must be followed when the European standard is applied, this includes the national requirements specified in RENbladet.

Føre does not allow single-phase production plants over 3.7 kW, as these often cause problems with the voltage quality in the network. The
it is recommended to install three-phase production facilities.

All low-voltage electrical installations must comply with the requirements of NEK 400. NEK 400 has a separate chapter on photovoltaic systems, 7-712, which
sets a number of requirements for the design of the solar cell system itself, test at commissioning, switches, protection, etc.

All equipment must be CE marked, and thus also comply with relevant requirements for safety, EMC, etc.

Other demands

The plus customer scheme is limited to plants that deliver less electricity production than 100 kWh / h to the electricity grid. Larger facilities must
limit its net submission to the mains to this limit. Otherwise, the plant will be considered a production plant and a separate feed-in tariff will apply. This must be agreed separately at start-up.

Solar cell systems that are larger than 800Wp must be reported via an authorized electrical installer.

There is a requirement for an AMS meter with communication to become a plus customer at Føre .

The installer must notify the system in advance before installation begins. The system must also be completed before production is switched on.

Declaration of conformity for inverters must be attached in advance (a declaration of conformity is a document that shows that the product
is type approved according to the affiliation norm selected).


Plus customers pay ordinary grid rent on an equal footing with all other customers when they buy electricity. When selling power out on the power grid gets
however, one is paid by the electricity supplier for the electricity supplied (separate agreement with the electricity supplier). Plus customers do not pay grid rent for the electricity delivered online.

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