Photovoltaic systems

Solar cell system requirements There are requirements for who can build solar cell systems. DSB has sent out information about this. In addition, Føre has requirements for the equipment to be installed. These can be found on the "Plus customers" page. DSB letter 23.06.2023: To you who build photovoltaic systems DSB's social mission is to ensure electrical safety in Norway. There is a continuous technological [...].

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Net rent 2024

Grid rent prices 2024 This is the price of grid rent from 1.1.2024. The vast majority of our customers will have grid rent consisting of a fixed element, energy element and public charges (NU100) Grid rent below 100,000 kWh/year (NU100)*: *The price also applies to customers above 100,000 kWh if the system has overload protection up to and including 125 A at 230 V or 80

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Construction contribution

Construction contributions When new customers are to be connected to the electricity grid or existing grid customers wish to increase their outtake, it will often be necessary to expand or reinforce the grid. The costs of the necessary measures must be covered by the party that triggers the development measure. In the event of a capacity increase in the grid, a construction contribution will be calculated and paid by the customer.

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Forest clearance and work near our facilities Forest clearance and work near our electrical facilities can be life-threatening. There is a high risk of damaging cables or overhead lines. Examples include when live cables are dug over, trees are felled on the lines, or when agricultural or construction machinery comes too close to our overhead lines. Power surges can also occur at a distance,

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Distance requirements

Distance requirements to network facilities When building or planning an area, it is important to check the distances to network facilities in the area beforehand. Network facilities can be overhead lines, underground cables or substations. DSB (Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning) has defined rules for the minimum distances that must be observed

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AMS - meter

AMS - automatic electricity meter Automatic electricity meter - Benefits both for you and for society! By January 1, 2019, all electricity customers in Norway are required to have a new automatic electricity meter, also known as Advanced Metering and Control Systems (AMS). The electricity meter registers electricity consumption on an hourly basis, and sends information about your consumption to Elhub and further

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Delivery quality

Delivery quality We will meet our delivery terms Føre AS does its best to ensure that you as a customer receive electricity with good quality. We therefore have many routines to fulfill our delivery terms. Some of you may have been contacted by us in connection with an earth fault, or that something else in the system is interfering with our network. This

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Plus customer

Guidelines for plus customers There are requirements for production facilities connected to the low-voltage grid and requirements for certification of the equipment to be installed in accordance with current guidelines. Technical functional requirements Føre sets technical requirements for production facilities, so that these facilities do not contribute to reduced voltage quality in the distribution grid. All production facilities must be reported (elsmart) via an authorized electrical installer and approved by Føre before connection. Connection

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EL supervision

We supervise electrical installations Det lokale eltilsyn (DLE) is part of the public supervision system for electrical safety, and carries out supervision under the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB). DLE supervises electrical installations and companies' internal control within its own license area. DLE v/Føre AS's license area is Nome and Midt-Telemark municipality. In addition, DLE provides

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